Information for research participants

If you are reading this, chances are I have asked you to participate in my research. If you do decide to take part, here's what that means:

My project is based on ethnographic research. That means I will conduct formal and informal interviews. I will also need to do participant observation. And that means I would spend a few hours a week at the place of business, respectfully observing and taking notes of what I see (not in a creepy way!).

All of these activities will be respectfully coordinated, so as not to disrupt your work spaces in any way. I will come to the interview sessions with prepared questions, and of course you can see those questions in advance.

Importantly, the contents of my note taking and the resultant written paper will remain entirely confidential - the paper will NOT be published, and participants can be anonymous. The only people who will see what I write is me and my subject coordinator Dr Raymond Madden.

Access the legal and ethical information here