Ethical Information

  • I will maintain confidentiality, anonymity and privacy, in that I will not disclose the names of any people who participate in this research project, and I will not identify the site/institution/group I am studying.

  • I will maintain secure storage of the data I gather (i.e. I will not leave note books or other potentially sensitive materials unattended or easily accessed by other people).

  • I will make the participants of the study fully aware of my role as a researcher and observer, in other words, I will not undertake covert observations, rather I will be overt about my research practices at all times.

  • I will not take or use any images or recordings of anyone involved in a way that means they will be identifiable.

  • I will not have contact with any children at all.

  • I will make participants fully aware that they may withdraw from the research at any time, regardless of permission being given previously.

  • I will not disseminate the information I gather in this research exercise, rather it is only to be used for assessment purposes, and it will only be viewed by me, and the lecturer and/or tutor who assesses my work.

  • I will provide the participants with my contact details and those of my lecturer and tutor as well as a copy of my ANT3MQA subject guide, if requested.